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Fair discipline code

The School expects a high standard of behaviour of all students and will do all that it can to ensure this standard is maintained by every student. 

Our motto `Together we can' encourages all members of the school community to actively work together towards the provision of an environment which provides opportunities for the full development of each individual. 

The purpose of Canterbury South Public School (CSPS) is to provide equality of opportunity, quality education and a pleasant environment for all. 

Our students' good behaviour is enhanced by examples of positive role models in their school community. Adult role models who show tolerance, appreciation and acceptance of others contribute to the well-being and learning of our children. 

We have developed a fair discipline policy which emphasises the importance of good behaviour. The policy is based on the following principles: 

Students have a right to learn and play in a caring environment where everyone shares a belief in the value of mutual respect and tolerance. 

  • students are responsible for their own actions. 
  • parents and school staff share a responsibility to teach students appropriate behaviour. 
  • parents and school staff have a responsibility to communicate with each other about student behaviour. 
  • physical violence has no place at CSPS. 

Everyone has the right to learn without interference and so our school does not tolerate: 

  • disobedience
  • discrimination
  • bullying or harassment
  • physical or verbal abuse
  • interference with the property of others
  • possession of illegal substances or weapons.