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About our school

Canterbury South Public School is a Kindergarten to Year 6 school, a focal point of the local community. Canterbury South Public School respects cultural diversity in a pleasant and harmonious learning environment where children are encouraged to become independent and self-motivated learners and where the students are the focus of all that happens at school. The school aims to provide students with the strategies and confidence to respond to and embrace a rapidly changing society and fulfil their role as good citizens. We develop in our students the ability to:

  • learn
  • learn about learning
  • access
  • use
  • critically analyse and evaluate information
  • develop effective cooperation
  • communication and leadership skills
  • access modern and developing technology
  • think of others. 

Aboriginal cultural awareness 

In 2017 Canterbury South Public School is participating in and committed to the Aboriginal cultural awareness program. Recently, a staff member attended a 2 day course at eora TAFE, run by Mr Drew Roberts, an Aboriginal man originating from the Dhungutti and Bundjalung Nations. More than a cultural awareness program, the course is designed to give schools an introduction to Aboriginal culture and society and assist staff to provide culturally appropriate services to our Aboriginal students and their families.  We are in the process of developing and building capacity to work at a deeper and more authentic level with the local Aboriginal community. Aboriginal Elders or other community people can offer local cultural knowledge, perspectives and expertise. For many years, we have benefitted greatly from the knowledge of our Aboriginal community and are looking at how we can further involve the community as speakers or team teachers.